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The Assistive Technology Law Center, Inc. (ATLC), is a public interest law firm located in Ithaca, New York. The ATLC provides information and advocacy assistance to expand coverage and funding for assistive devices, including SGDs.

For SGDs, the ATLC's goal is support the transition of AAC intervention to its third phase. In 1990, David Beukelman described the transition of AAC intervention from its initial "pioneering phase" to its second, "public policy phase". (Beukelman, 1990 at p.105) Now is the time to envision the next or third phase of AAC intervention: routine access, in which a skilled SLP for AAC assessment, coverage and funding for the SGD, and training on SGD use, all will be readily available as a matter of routine.

Lewis Golinker, Esq., is the founder and director of the ATLC. He has 26 years of legal experience representing people with disabilities who seek health benefits from third party funding programs. He has extensive expertise securing coverage and funding for items of durable medical equipment in general, and for AAC devices or speech generating devices in particular.

Assistive Technology Law Center

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